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Shoulder Pain and Upper Cervical Care

Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain and Arm Pain Relief

At times, when a person experiencing pain in the shoulder or arm seeks the help of a medical professional, he or she is surprised to discover that the problem causing the pain does not originate in the shoulder, but the neck. The nerves causing the pain are those traveling from the spine to the shoulder. When there is an injury at this site, it affects the nerve and causes extreme discomfort. At times, a doctor can pinpoint a specific event as causing the problem; it could have been caused by whiplash from an accident, or from the head or neck being struck or bumped.

If a disruption like this occurs, in can put the vertebrae out of their proper alignment. This may result in spasm and discomfort to the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the shoulder and upper back. Uncared for, the body can react by forming an arthritic growth to relieve the pressure, and the situation can go from bad to worse. 

Medications and injections may offer some relief but they do not address the cause of the shoulder pain. If the cause is not addressed, shoulder pain may continue to and turn into a chronic condition. There are many ways to decrease the symptoms of neck pain, but often these are just temporary fixes that enable us function. However, most people are looking for natural shoulder pain relief.

Dr. Alder incorporates the latest research and the most up-to-date technology to provide his clients with REAL SOLUTIONS to their health conditions.

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How Upper Cervical Care can help Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain may take years to develop or it may be the result of an injury. Shoulder pain may make working, moving, even sleeping more difficult and uncomfortable. Some of the many causes of shoulder pain include: physical strain or trauma, repetitive movements or spinal obstruction. Evidence also shows that stress and anxiety may lead to muscle tension, which often results in chronic aches and pains in the back, neck, and shoulders. When spinal misalignments occur and remain untreated, shoulder pain may result. 

After a careful consultation, history, physical examination and imaging studies, Dr Alder determines the cause of the shoulder pain and how to care for it. Understanding how proper diet and lifestyle habits will complement an optimally functioning Nervous System. While under his care, Dr. Alder advises and teaches about ergonomic training, home exercises, and basic nutritional advice to help support the spinal correction.

Upper Cervical Care is extremely effective for providing relief in many shoulder pain cases. By gently restoring the spine to its proper position, body balance is restored. This balance can help alleviate stress on the spinal nerves, reduce chronic pain, increase range of motion, and improve function. In addition to spinal adjustments, we also emphasizes proper nutrition, adequate exercise, sufficient rest, and stress management in the treatment of shoulder pain.

Typical Causes of Shoulder Pain

Physical Causes: These are the obvious causes, traumatic experiences to our body and spine. The first one in a persons life is birth. Infants are commonly found with a subluxation due to the birth process. Further trauma to our spine through childhood including falls, car accidents, sport injuries etc also cause subluxation. Repetitive motions that effect the spine, improper lifting, weakness in the spine, weight distribution can all cause subluxation.

Chemical Causes: Included in this are poor dietary and nutritional practices, drug and alcohol use and abuse and the ingestion of toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breath and the water we drink. Many chemicals decrease the body’s ability to function optimally and reduce the ability to adapt to and withstand external stresses.

Emotional Causes: Stress can be a leading cause in shoulder and spinal issues. Excessive stress and the inability to manage stress can lower the bodies ability to function. Alot of research has concluded that stress will decrease the function of our immune system, not to mention the other systems in our body.


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Upper Cervical Care is a specialized form of chiropractic that helps people with health conditions get their life back without drugs or surgery.  While the care revolves strategically around the head/neck alignment, the effects in the body are global in its scope.

The most common conditions that respond to Upper Cervical Care are: Migraine Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Fibromyalgia, Ringing or Congestion in Ears, TMJ Disorder, Tingling & Numbness, High Blood Pressure, and Whiplash Trauma.

Dr Jason Alder, DC, UCA is among the most elite Upper Cervical Chiropractors in Texas and is the owner of Healthful Chiropractic in McKinney. Prior to opening his clinic in McKinney, he spent time in Italy training and practicing Upper Cervical Chiropractic. He has done extensive post-graduate work in the use of Advance Imaging technology in conjunction with Blair and Orthospinology Upper Cervical Techniques in addition to his doctorate requirements.

Dr. Alder incorporates the latest research and the most up-to-date technology to provide his clients with REAL SOLUTIONS to their chronic conditions.

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This approach helps to regain health and promote wellness in a way many have not experienced.
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Chiropractic is among the safest procedures of human health care services. Chiropractic has an outstanding and enviable safety record.

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The practice of chiropractic is based on sound scientific principles. The nervous system is the primary control system for the body. The relationship of the nervous system with the spine is the focus of the practice of chiropractic. Through addressing the interference on the nervous system, the doctor of chiropractic endeavors to restore normal nerve expression. The body is then able to respond appropriately to any imbalance in the system, thus restoring function and health.

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Natural Shoulder Pain Relief With Upper Cervical Care


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