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I had been in a car accident, with massive neck pain. Upper cervical care with Dr Alder has made such a difference. He has just been fantastic in helping me take care of readjusting. Eric Olson

I was having lost of issues with vertigo. None of the tests were showing anything. I was on lots of medications for 6 weeks. After care I have been vertigo free for several months without medication. I am able to do everything I was able to do before. Megan

Dr. Alder took the time to listen to me; he really wants me to feel better. He provided an adjustment that is very gentle, accurate and specific to me. I have had phenomenal results in many aspects of my health since receiving care. Dr. Alder is great with babies and is always very informative in explaining what he is doing during her adjustments. Jenn P

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I just wonder why my past chiropractors don’t do this type of care – Upper Cervical. It seem like if there’s a better way to do something, everyone should do it, right? Greg

I have played soccer since I was young. I was feeling the effects of my injuries now that I’m older but I came to try out Upper Cervical type chiropractic and feel so much better.


I came in after a fall off the balance beam left me dizzy and unable to compete. After I started upper cervical, my dizziness went away and I was able to compete in our regional event 2 months later.


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