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Neurological Concerns

Mental impulse flows to and from the brain via nerves to maintain homeostasis. If there is an obstruction in that flow, you can expect less communication to the brain and systems of your body. As we remove the interference, proper communication may return.

Common neurological symptoms might include:

Headache   Migraine   Trigeminal Neuralgia   Multiple Sclerosis   Fibromyalgia   Epilepsy   Vision Disturbances   Vertigo/Dizziness   Immune Function

Musculoskeletal Concerns

Falls, repetitive movements, and other traumas can cause excessive stress on the frame of our body. The stress may cause tight muscles, improper joint position & altered movement patterns which will cause further strain on the body. Neck, back, shoulder, arm and leg pain typically arise as a result of spinal compensations in the body.

Common musculoskeletal symptoms might include:

Neck Pain   Shoulder Pain   Back Pain   Disc Problems   Headaches   Migraine   Knee/Ankle Pain   Carpal Tunnel   Arthritis   Whiplash   Scoliosis

Improve Body Function

Correcting the cause of the improper function makes sense. Remove the interference and allow the body to communicate with the brain may be what’s needed to improve the inhibited function. Every cause has effects and every effect has a cause.

Symptoms of common body dysfunction might include:

Sleep Disorder   Vital Organ Function   Meniere’s Syndrome   Dizziness/Vertigo   Sciatica   Scoliosis   Acid Reflux   Digestive Dysfunction   Allergies   Asthma   Learning Disorders   Epilepsy   Inner Ear Problems

Preventative & Wellness

Symptoms generally are the end result of dysfunction. By the time you start experiencing symptoms, the disease process is already well underway. Instead of waiting for the body to give you the subtle message that something is or has been developing in your body, why not make your body more able to control and withstand problems.

Would YOU benefit from preventative care?

Athletes   Pediatric   Children   Young Athletes   Expecting Mothers   General Wellness   Mental Clarity   Immune Function   Prevent Dis-Ease

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