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“F or the first time in history, U.S children are sicker than the generation before them. They’re not just a little worse off, they are propitiously worse off physically, emotionally, educationally and developmentally."

Good health depends upon on a strong and properly functioning immune system. A properly functioning immune system is one of the keys to a healthy, happy child or anyone for that matter, who will resist infections, allergies, and chronic illnesses. What complicates things is trying to identify the cause of the poor immune health and the symptoms brought on by the poor immune health.

Symptoms are usually the result of some other problem or process that the body is attempting to remedy and may represent the body's best efforts to heal itself. By treating symptoms, you might be suppressing the body's natural response and inhibiting the healing process. Instead of chasing symptoms, you would be well advised to strengthen and stimulate the body's defenses to allow for completion of the healing process.

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Natural Approach to Improve Your Immune System

True health is about 100% communication between the brain and the body.

  • Immune ManGet enough sleep 
  • Manage stress
  • Avoid tobacco smoke
  • Move Your Body
  • Socialize More
  • Consider probiotics
  • Catch some rays
  • Go for garlic
  • Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits & nuts
  • Maintain clear communication

Medical science is beginning to realize that the key to fighting and preventing illness is by strengthening the degree of natural immunity, the natural body defenses and the overall vitality of the individual.

A Natural Solution

An upper cervical chiropractor evaluates the tone of the nervous system that governs the healing in the body. An adjustment is much more than simply repositioning the vertebrae in the spine. It is an adjustment to the restrictions that bind the person’s health, freeing the life sustaining transmission of mental impulse from the brain to every cell for proper function.

An upper cervical correction is gentle and there is no forceful pulling, twisting or jerking motion of the neck. The correction is applied using a precise and controlled touch that allows the head, neck, and spine to return to their proper positions, restoring balance to the body and removing the interference.

Infants to seniors, mothers-to-be, athletes, and accident victims will benefit from a healthy spine and nervous system. If you have a health concern, Dr. Jason Alder of Healthful Chiropractic will strive to correct it's cause, not just treat the symptoms.

We want to encourage you to make educated decisions about your health. Our mission is to allow the body to restore the normal function of every nerve, organ and system. Healing from within – as you were designed.

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