Your Upper Cervical Care in North Dallas

Upper Cervical Care is a unique form of chiropractic that may help your common and uncommon health conditions get your life back without the use of drugs or surgery. We use the most advanced technology to actually see what is going on with your spine. As we make specific corrections, true expression of wellness can be obtained.

Our Process to Get You Well

How Did This Happen

Upper cervical injuries can occur in a number of different ways over a lifetime and are often unnoticed. These are the 3 T’s: Thoughts, Trauma, & Toxins.

Initial Care Consult

The initial consultation with the Upper Cervical doctor is designed to evaluate your symptoms and history and determine if specific upper cervical care can help your condition.

Imaging Walkthrough

With our unique imaging process, will be able to see the the stresses and compensations your body is dealing with and clearly identify the problem.

After First Correction

The first correction and what you can expect following the initial correction.

Progression Through Care

Your care will be personalized to fit you. We will discuss the different goals of care and lifestyle helps as we advance through the program.

Upper Cervical FAQs

Common questions about Upper Cervical care.

Upper Cervical care is great! I am able to do everything that I was able to do before my injury. There’s no down sides and about halfway through the treatment, I was symptom free – without medication!


I came to Healthful Chiropractic with massive neck pain. It has made such a difference. After a car accident I have regained my range of motion. Thank you Dr Jason!


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