McKinney Courier Gazette Article

McKinney Courier Gazette and Star Local Media have published an article about Healthful Chiropractic and the uniqueness of Upper Cervical Care. 

Check out the article -Here.

Healthful Chiropractic is health professionals who are passionate about improving lives. They are on the leading edge of natural healing through upper cervical care. This approach helps to regain and promote wellness in a way many have not experienced. Dr. Alder incorporates the latest research and the most up-to-date technology to provide his patients with real solutions to their chronic health concerns.

Our mission is to allow the body to restore the normal function of every nerve, organ and system. Healing from within – as you were designed.

-Healthful Chiropractic

A chiropractor evaluates the tone of the nervous system that governs the healing in the body. An adjustment is much more than simply repositioning the vertebrae in the spine. It is an adjustment to the restrictions that bind the person’s health, freeing the life sustaining transmission of mental impulse from the brain to every cell for proper function.


Come in and get your nervous system checked!

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