A quick slideshow about the CBCT and it’s application in the upper cervical care model. This is a tremendous tool that can be used to improve the results and care of patients. This method allows for greater visualization of the particular variances in each individuals anatomy. Take a look.

Preview of the analysis of the upper cervical spine using advanced imaging technology CBCT.

In Upper Cervical Care, we observe very small structural inconsistencies that may be interfering with the body’s ability to function properly. We label these inconsistencies as subluxations. An Upper Cervical Chiropractor would benefit greatly from utilizing this approach to observing the upper cervical spine and the subluxation complex in high detail. 

This brief presentation demonstrates some of the great images that are available to view with this technology. This shows a comparison of plain film x-ray to the cbct images. A truly impressive way to analyze the upper cervical spine. Not to mention the great outcomes that patients have experienced.

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