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About Your Consultation

During this consultation, we want to get to know more about you and your principle concerns. We also want to know your current health status, your health habits and health goals. We will consult together and develop a plan of action to help meet your goals.


What you will gain from this consultation:

  • Understand possible causes and/or triggers of your health concern
  • Develop an appreciation for the law of cause and effect, and how it relates to your health
  • Learn how your body is adapting to the stresses of life
  • See where you stand with your health and possible ways to improve your health


What to expect during the consultation:

  • An examination including an upper cervical physical and neurological exam
  • Initial results of your muscle, joint, and nerve health
  • Additional health information packet
  • The total time to expect for the consultation is about 45 min

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Healthful Chiropractic

Phone: 469.215.1385

McKinney, Allen, Plano, Frisco, Prosper

Our Programs to Help You Heal

One Solution

A truly unique way of helping an individual and their unique condition. Come try the most advance Upper Cervical care available.

Pediatric Care

Life for the newborn depends on the healthy functioning of the brainstem and upper cervical cord. Give them the best chance possible.

Healthful Perspective

These classes are intended to be a introduction into a natural approach for taking charge of your health.

Upper Cervical Care has been called the Best-Kept Secret in Healthcare!

We Are Here To Help

Improve Posture, Restore Function, Advanced Care, Free Health Classes, Year One Promotion, Pediatric Care, Heroes Program

Healthful Chiropractic

Phone: 469.215.1385

McKinney, Allen, Plano, Frisco, Prosper

What is Upper Cervical Care?

Upper Cervical Care uses precise techniques to correct the highly sensitive upper cervical spine. Healthful Chiropractic is one of very few upper cervical centers in the DFW area and the only center that utilizes advanced imaging to evaluate and understand the unique details that may be the difference in overcoming your health concern. With upper cervical care, there is never any bending, twisting, popping, cracking or pain with the corrections. A gentle touch is all that is needed because we take the time to get to know and understand how your unique anatomy is affecting your body’s ability to function and how to correct it. Come see and feel the difference.

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Is It Safe?

Chiropractic is among the safest procedures of human health care services. Chiropractic has an outstanding and enviable safety record.

How Does It Work?

The practice of chiropractic is based on sound scientific principles. The existence of the nervous system as the primary control mechanism of the body is an undisputed scientific fact. Its relationship with the spine is the focus of the practice of chiropractic. Through addressing the interference on the nervous system, the doctor of chiropractic endeavors to restore normal nerve expression. The body is then able to respond appropriately to any imbalance in the system, thus restoring function and health.

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