The Brain Commands

 T he correction will put the head back in alignment with the neck, then the body will begin the process of unwinding the compensations and restore structural integrity. Healing begins immediately when the communication can be re-established. As long as the vertebra stays in it’s proper position, the brain will be able to coordinate the healing response. This whole process may take time, depending on how long the problem has existed and the amount of degeneration that has occurred. 

There are many different ways to correct this vertebra, an exact and precise force will render the best results. Each correction is tailor made for the specific individual using the imaging and exam results to give the best care possible. Subsequent

visits will continue to check the body’s response to the correction and, if the vertebra is found to be out of alignment, additional corrections will be given. The goal is to hold or stay in alignment.

Sometimes you may not be experiencing any symptoms but after a checkup we find that the vertebra has misaligned again and in need of a correction. Other times you may be having intense symptoms or even different symptoms than you had at the beginning and we will find that the vertebra is in proper position. Your body changed to be in it’s current condition, it will have to change again to be in alignment. We want and expect this change. The body is in control of the healing.

Pressure on nerves causes irritation and tension with deranged function as a result.  Why not release the pressure?  Why not adjust the cause instead of treating the effects?  Why not?

-Dr. DD Palmer

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