Neurological Dysfunction Case Report

82 Year Old With Neck Pain, Hearing Loss, Poor Equilibrium, and Headache


The objective of this case study is to review the effectiveness of chiropractic care using the combined advances of Cone Beam technology and Blair specific upper cervical technique in the case of a 82 year old with neck pain, hearing loss, poor equilibrium, and frequent headache.

A case such as this demonstrates that when there is one neurological deficit, there may be others. The upper cervical subluxation concept and theory relates to this idea of multiple problems stemming from one main cause. This report will explore how reducing the subluxation commonly found at the Atlanto-Occipital and Atlanto-Axial joints will minimize the compression in the upper neck and reduce the neurological stress to the body. Even in the case of an 82 year old body.

Case History

An 82 year old male presented with complaint of a 30 year history of constant neck pain and frequent headache. In addition, the patient reported a recent decrease in balance and general equilibrium while walking and standing still. The patient also suffered with hearing loss he attributed to “old age”. During the initial consultation the patient mentioned he had a feeling of decreased blood flow to his head. It was discovered that the patient had many traumas during his life including: vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents and falls from a height. The patient was looking for a holistic approach to improving his health.

An examination of the upper cervical spine, including thermographic study, neurological tests, cervical muscle assessment and range of motion. Following the exam, an injury to the spine was suspected. Due to the presentation of the patient, care was taken not to create further complications by random spinal manipulation but to fully evaluate the person. The patient was sent for a specific imaging technique, Cone-Beam CT scan, for an in-depth study of the upper cervical spine. The imaging demonstrated an injury to the upper cervical spine. The imaging and the findings during the exam were consistent with a chiropractic subluxation at the Atlanto-Occipital and Atlanto-Axial joints in the cervical spine.

I thought my health problems were just due to old age.

Method of Care

A course of care was pursued to correct the subluxation found at the atlanto-axial joint. The recommended care included an initial correction of the first vertebra and regular visits to evaluate and deliver corrections to the upper cervical spine as needed. The case was managed following the Blair Upper Cervical Specific protocol and included PRILL leg length inequality observations, thermographic pattern studies, posture analysis and neurological tests.


After one week of specific Upper Cervical Care the patient stated that he felt more stable while walking and there was no more neck pain. Following a month of care, there was great improvement in walking and standing balance. He said he felt like he could walk with more stability and even felt he could move with greater ease. In four months of care the patient reported no neck pain or headaches and demonstrated to be much more stable on his feet.


This study explores a theory of correcting a subluxation commonly found with injuries to the upper cervical spine that may be creating neurological stress to the body. The reduction in symptoms correlating with the initiation of care and the complete absence of symptoms within six weeks of care, suggest a link between the upper cervical subluxation, and his neurological conditions. It may prove beneficial if further studies on upper cervical injuries and developing neurological health problems were pursed more fully. 

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