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An expert in spinal and neuromuscular conditions associated with the neck and spinal cord is here in the McKinney area. Dr Jason Alder has been caring for spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries in one way or another for the nearly a decade. Prior to specializing in the upper cervical spine and before becoming a doctor, he spend many years as a personal care provider and fitness leader in this special population. He has developed alternative and creative ways to help individuals who have a spinal cord injury be able to enjoy an active lifestyle. He even designed and made adaptive equipment specifically for people with limited use of their hands. 

Dr Alder brings that same attention and care to treating injuries in the neck. Often, doctors become embattled in political issues, regulation concerns, and business problems that the care and attention given to patients becomes an afterthought. Dr Alder will make time for you. His care is not only about correcting the structural problem in your spine, but also helping you to make positive decisions in many aspect of your health. "We can provide an adjustment to your spine, but many times an adjustment to a patient's lifestyle is needed as well."

Dr Alder focuses on the upper cervical spine and improving several lifestyle aspects that may be contributing to or complicating the problem. Utilizing the most advanced upper cervical analysis and techniques, and a personal interest in your health, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Dr Alder. 

Injuries in the Upper Cervical Spine

Obviously, major accidents will create injuries in the neck. More subtle injuries to the neck are the injuries to the head, shoulder and back. An injury to these areas almost always creates stress and injury to the neck. If there is an incident, say a concussion - that is an injury to the head and brain. Because the head sits on the neck, chances are high that there was also and injury to the neck.

These types of injuries often go unnoticed because there may be a more pressing problem at the time. Patients frequently come into the office to get "fixed" years after an accident or injury. Because the neck problem was not taken into account at the time of the injury, the condition often progresses for the worst. What may have been a simple correction then, now turns into a complicated problem now.

There is a neck doctor in North Dallas providing real solutions for real problems. As you entrust us with your care, we will do all we can to promote your health, help you to enhance the quality of life and be there to prevent the deterioration of chronic conditions.

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We want to encourage you to make educated decisions about your health. Our mission is to allow the body to restore the normal function of every nerve, organ and system. Healing from within – as you were designed.

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