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Discover the relationship between the health of your cervical curve and your overall health.


The neck of the human body is a bio-mechanical marvel.

It possesses a wide range of mobility in nearly every direction. The neck serves as a conduit for the major blood vessels to the brain and is the primary pathway of the central nervous system. The cervical (neck) region is one of the most important areas of the body and a growing body of research clearly shows that its structural integrity and function are absolutely critical to overall health and healing.

With this report, you will discover: 

  • The human spine is a highly versatile mechanism and displays all the rigidity, strength, and leverage required in the job of a crane
  • The purpose of the cervical spine is to contain and protect the spinal cord, support the skull, and enable diverse head movement
  • The head support, mobility, protection and transmission through the cervical spine
  • What the optimal structure of the cervical spine should look and function like
  • How the cervical spine may be injured in a whiplash or other trauma

Health care is slowly changing from a symptom/disease-based system to a function/ performance-based system in which the structure of the human body is restored and maintained. Correction and maintenance of the structure of the spine, in particular the cervical spine, is of paramount importance in the pursuit of optimal health.

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