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Imaging Makes The Difference

It is essential that we are able to study exactly what is going on inside your spine to correct it. Many times, health professionals do not get imaging and end up with poor or no results at all. Most people get great results with upper cervical care particularly because imaging is not only observed but intensely studied. It’s kind of like building a house using a blueprint to guide the building. Would you attempt to build a house without a plan?

At Healthful Chiropractic, we take your health seriously. We use the most advanced technology to actually see what is going on with your spine. The imaging that we require is the same that you may see in a dentist office, a CBCT image. With this image, we will be able to see the unique stresses and compensations your body is dealing with and identify the problem. Then, mathematically determine the best way to correct the problem with the least amount of force. We follow the Blair Upper Cervical method of correcting the upper cervical spine.

Upper Cervical Care uses precise techniques to correct – not manipulate – this highly sensitive area of the spine. Healthful Chiropractic is one of very few upper cervical centers in the DFW area and the only center that utilizes advanced imaging to evaluate and understand the unique details that may be the difference in overcoming your health concern. With upper cervical care, there is never any bending, twisting, popping, cracking or pain with the corrections. A gentle touch is all that is needed because we take the time to get to know and understand how your unique anatomy is affecting your body’s ability to function and how to correct it. Come see and feel the difference.

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A few views demonstrating how meticulous we are with evaluating and identifying the problem, and why imaging is important.

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The science of human health always begins with the human. The most innovative healing come from within your body. This is our focus – You!

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We find that those who follow a planned schedule are more satisfied with their care in general and see a better improvement with their health concerns.

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You are unique. Your chiropractic care should be as well. We believe in being precise with your health. To this end, we may take our time with you.


People spend more money on car maintenance than our care. Cars can be replaced when damaged. The same cannot be said about your spine and overall health.

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