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I’ve been to other chiropractors and health professionals with minimal or no results.

In upper cervical clinics, more then 90% of patients obtain some relief from their primary complaint during the initial treatment. More than 50% of those patients have already seen at least one medical physician and one or more chiropractors. In fact, a common phrase heard in an upper cervical clinic is, “I’ve tried everything. This is my last resort.”

Upper Cervical Care takes on a different approach to health then the medical and even other general chiropractors. The initial consultation with the Upper Cervical doctor is designed to understand your history, evaluate the “tone” or health of your nervous system and determine if the specific upper cervical care can help your condition or if you should seek the expertise of other health professionals.

Chiropractic looks at the whole body as a single organism and how that body is responding to the physical, chemical and emotional stress of life. Medicine focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pain and often fails to acknowledge the connection between nerve dysfunction, pain and disease. Medicine most often observes and treats people as either sick or not sick. 

One thing on which Chiropractic and Medicine do agree is that every bodily function is controlled and regulated by the electrical and chemical impulses of the nervous system initiated by the brain. Achieving optimal function of the nervous system is the primary focus of Chiropractic philosophy.

Even if you have tried other methods and modalities of healthcare, Upper Cervical Care may prove an effective mode of allowing your body to restore it’s health.

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There is a difference

Medicine is interested in the problem with the person.
Chiropractic is interested in the person with the problem.

Medicine focuses on the circulatory system.
Chiropractic focuses on the nervous system.

Medicine kills germs.
Chiropractic strengthens immunity.

Medicine attempts to suppress symptoms.
Chiropractic attempts to enhance adaptability.

Medicine makes the physician or drugs the hero.
Chiropractic makes the individual’s capacity to self heal the hero.

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The science of human health always begins with the human. The most innovative healing come from within your body. This is our focus – You!

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We find that those who follow a planned schedule are more satisfied with their care in general and see a better improvement with their health concerns.

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You are unique. Your chiropractic care should be as well. We believe in being precise with your health. To this end, we may take our time with you.


People spend more money on car maintenance than our care. Cars can be replaced when damaged. The same cannot be said about your spine and overall health.

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