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Fees are payable In the form of cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx) when service is rendered. FEES FOR SERVICES RENDERED:

  • New Patient Consultation and Exam (45minutes) -$90
  • Routine Office Visit (15-30 minutes) – $55
  • Advanced Upper Cervical Imaging – $190

INSURANCE: Dr. Alder does not bill insurance companies but he can provide you with an insurance receipt (super-bill) that you can send directly to your company to request reimbursement. We have seen reimbursement paid to patients from most insurance providers.

Dr. Alder is not a participating provider with any insurance companies including PPO’s, HMO’s, and Medicare. Please be advised that insurance coverage for chiropractic varies and your company may or may not cover chiropractic services, may have limitations on the number of paid visits, and may have a deductible or exclusions. If your insurance carrier covers chiropractic care, they should cover our services.

IMAGING: Dr. Alder has arranged for the necessary imaging to be taken at Orthodent3D in Craig Ranch McKinney. Due to the specificity of the imaging, it is not possible to have the imaging taken elsewhere.

Learn more about our imaging procedure here and see why we get such great results.

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People spend more money on car maintenance than our care. Cars can be replaced when damaged. The same cannot be said about your spine and overall health.

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