Initial Upper Cervical Care Consult

Get To Know You

Whether you have never been to a chiropractor, or you’ve been from A-Z in the yellow pages, your first visit with us will be the beginning of new perspective on health. A perspective that empowers and allows you to finally reach your health potential. Bring in your health concerns or questions and let’s talk.

During the first visit, we want to get to know more about you and your principle concerns. We will consult together about your goals and the plan of action. An initial examination including a physical and neurological exam will be performed. If you have imaging such as x-ray or MRI, bring them to this first visit. Additional imaging, if needed, it will be sent for at this point. The total time to expect for the initial visit is about 45 min. Be sure to arrive a little early to relax and have a clear mind before your appointment.

What you will gain from this consultation:

  • Understand possible causes and/or triggers of your health concern
  • Develop an appreciation for the law of cause and effect, and how it relates to your health
  • Learn how your body is adapting to the stresses of life
  • See where you stand with your health and possible ways to improve your health


What to expect during the consultation:

  • An examination including an upper cervical physical and neurological exam
  • Initial results of your muscle, joint, and nerve health
  • Additional health information packet
  • The total time to expect for the consultation is about 45 min

What is Upper Cervical Care?

There is a difference between manipulating the spine and actually correcting the spine. Not all adjustment procedures are the same either. There are over 250 different techniques used by various health professionals to adjust the spine. There are only a few techniques that actually correct body imbalance. Specific Upper Cervical care can generally be identified by the following groups that focus on Specific Upper Cervical Care: Blair, Orthospinology or Grostic, Knee Chest, Toggle, & Atlas Orthogonal or NUCCA.

How safe is Upper Cervical chiropractic?

Specific Upper Cervical chiropractic is one of the safest forms of chiropractic treatment available. We do not use painful manipulations that may carry a risk of stroke or fracture.  The Upper Cervical Chiropractor uses a very gentle form of treatment and takes every precaution to make the procedure as safe and effective as possible.

Should I have my spine checked by an Upper Cervical Chiropractor before agreeing to surgery?

It is always smart to exhaust every other option available before turning to any surgical procedure with such high risk. Research shows that many people who have surgery for a spinal condition say they are worse after 5 years or only slightly better.

Can I utilize Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care following surgery?

Yes, unless you have had surgical fusion of the atlas or C2. Upper Cervical chiropractic deals with the adjustment of the atlas and there is little force used to achieve the adjustment.

Will insurance or Medicare cover your services?

Insurance coverage varies with each policy. We do not accept insurance payments directly from the insurance companies or Medicare. We will be glad to give you a receipt with the all the required information needed to file for reimbursement with your insurance company if they cover chiropractic care.

My insurance policy doesn’t cover Chiropractic, what should I do?

Health is your most important possession. Don’t take it lightly. Don’t allow large companies to make extremely important health decisions on the type of care you need. Our prices are very reasonable and we are willing to work with you in order to make Upper Cervical chiropractic healthcare affordable for you.

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