Advanced Upper Cervical Imaging Walkthrough

Upper Cervical Advanced Imaging

When Details Matter, The Choice is Clear

Most people get great results with upper cervical care particularly because imaging is not only observed but intensely studied.

Why you should use advanced imaging over plain x-ray

At Healthful Chiropractic, we take your health seriously. We use the most advanced technology to actually see what is going on with your spine. The imaging that we require is the same that you may see in a dentist office, a CBCT image. With this image, we will be able to see the unique stresses and compensations your body is dealing with and identify the problem. Then, mathematically determine the best way to correct the problem with the least amount of force.

Why is advanced imaging required before the correction?

The advanced imaging taken prior to the correction allow the doctor to determine the extent of the upper cervical injury. This also allows us to see how the atlas is shifted, tilted or rotated from its normal position. If an adequate correction was made, then future corrections will be made using the same formula.  This procedure leaves no margin for error.

Is advanced imaging necessary on follow-up visits?

Once the doctor determines the exact formula for each individual, future corrections will be made using the same formula.  Frequent or repeated imaging is unnecessary unless the patient experiences a fall or accident that could affect the stability of the upper cervical spine.

Is it important to bring my x-rays or MRI studies?

Any information you can supply to aid in the diagnosis of your condition is always helpful. This being said, these studies may not show the detail we are looking for and may still send for additional imaging.

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